22 February 2007

Sombras deslumbradas

Fotografia "MC"

Reabro, entre-vejo,
cuido de ter, fico.
Sobra-me o espaço,
sorrio, chamo.
Ocupa-me, quero,
Quando me movo,
Libertas-me num
movimento de um.
Atravesso o palco,
rodopio, salto.
Fujo do projector,
mostras o caminho.
Vou por onde nos
conduzes, confio.
. . .
como sentes por onde quero ir?



unspoken words speak louder than written words said...

Every so often, people decide to publish only stuff containing good news. It sounds like a great idea. We all want cheering up, dont we? There is too much gloom in this world, isn't there? Still, such enterprise only ever attain limited success. We say we want peace, harmony, ease and prosperity. And for everything to be simple, smooth and successful. But, our actions speak louder than our words. We deliberately walk towards trouble and controversy and complication. We find ourselves arguing, when really we ought to be agreeing. We dont just ring the changes, we give the changes our phone number and invite them to ring us at any time of the day or night. Is that bad? No, it is healthy. Our lives would be dull and shallow if we were to banish all trouble and drama. Its all part of what will make things right over and over again :)

Anonymous said...

Tenho lido...diariamente.
Apeteceu-me dizer(lhe)

Anonymous said...

E gosto, muito!

Q.W. said...

"O mundo torna-se sonho, o sonho mundo". E a sua "flor azul": está no sonho ou no mundo?
Pouco importa, bonito é mesmo o desparecimento da fronteira entre o sonho e a realidade.